What outcome you may expect from a sprint review?

The meeting is held in the end of each sprint, for the team to have completed work reviewed by stakeholders. The team members present and demonstrate the product increments, to ensure the expectations are meet.

Benefits for stakeholders product owners

  • Review the increments
  • Up to date with progress
  • Validate increments towards expectations
  • Data for prioritizing

Benefit for team members

  • Individuals as well as team feel accountability for quality
  • Validate that expectations are meet
  • Interdisciplinary / cross functional skills are developed
  • Team commitment and spirit is nurtured
  • Team and team members are motivated

The motivational factors deserve some further discussion, as I believe only few consider the major motivation benefit achieved. When a team member are allowed to demonstrate his / her work, it will give a sensation of succeeding in what they do. By seeing stake holders caring about the work completed, team members will feel valued and have a sensation of recognition for the work well done.

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