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Why sprints?

Why do we want to do thing in sprints, and what’s the benefits doing so?

Many of us use sprints, without being aware or taking advantage of the benefits. Many are even just using sprints as content holders for activities, and for lining up work to their teams.

Assuming that a sprint should have a defined sprint outcome, and that it should be potentially shippable. The stories in a sprint are planned and there is a commitment to the content, both by the team and the rest of the organization. Start and end date are of course fixed…

When there is a time boxed and committed scope of stories, we actually limit our variability by the length of the time box / sprint. The team will then be allowed to work with less interruptions and context switching for the length of a sprint, meaning a more efficient flow and predictable delivery. Shorter sprints allow more variability and change in priority, to ensure we adjust and allow changes to meet business and customer values.

Sprints have a start and finish dates, and finishing / completing the sprint allow us to feel good about reaching our goal. Most of us are motivated by reaching goals, and reaching goals as a team create a great team spirit.

Delivering potential shippable software often, are also known to increase quality.

The predictable delivery achieved in sprints that are potential shippable, create great trust with the stakeholders and organization.

The standup question “What did I do yesterday”

The standup question “What did I do yesterday”, is just awkward to me. If you attended yesterday, you should know what i did yesterday. I get the point with the question and the idea behind it, and in some cases it make sense. But then again if it feels silly to the team and do not make sense, I believe that it will harm more than it do good and absolutely it will not motivate to continue with such meetings. I’ll replace this question, and motivate to tell about yesterday if there is anything to learn or give a meaning to tell about.